B3E90170-4F65-4C72-AD4E-B44DD95C8FAFHello you.

It’s been a while.

I am busy working on the 4th ABOVE HIS STATION book (because people actually asked for it, believe it or not).

It has gone through a few titles until I finally landed upon the very apt RATNAROK. Just why this is apt you shall have to wait and see.

If you are familiar with the 3 other books in what appears to have evolved into a series then you will know what expect. There will be some bad language, some misty eyed flashbacks, an outlandish plot that most probably makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and plenty of japes and fun and comedy and shit.

I am aiming for a summer 2018 release and so far this seems perfectly do-able.

If you read and enjoyed the other books then there is an assumption that your reading habits have not dramatically changed since the last book came out, so why not check it out?

Until next time, be well and be happy




With a Bang…

DBD cover3.jpg

Just popped in to say 3 things:

  1. I have begun in earnest the 4th book in the “His” trilogy, which picks up right after the ending to BEYOND HIS YEARS and sees the rat reuniting with the Station Guard with some devastating news about the future…DEAD BEFORE DISCO will be out later in 2017.

2.  The other bit of news is that I want to share is my other project for 2017, although as I’ve not yet typed a single word I don’t have a release date yet. This will be (working title) LORDS OF THE UNDERWOLD, the sequel to THE LANTERN MENACE.

3. Here is a link to a really nice review of TLM on Amazon. I’ve been toying with revisiting these characters for a while but didn’t really pursue it beyond an idea. But then I stumbled upon this review, which made me really happy that years after the book came out, it can still surprise people. The toughest part of being a self-published author is getting your book recognised. I haven’t had a massive explosion of popularity, but when I look back at the long game over the past 9 or 10 years, I do feel proud of what I have achieved. So, after reading this review it got me wanting to revisit Finch Balfour, Princess Castria and Rufus Lightfoot to see what they’re up to now….

All that is a long way off though.

thanks for looking!

Immortality Beckons

Hello you.

Just a quick post to let you know that “The IMMORTAL COIL” – Cornelius Quaint book 6, is now available from Amazon Kindle store.

I have set the book up for a 5 Day FREE book promotion which begins tomorrow 21st Feb.

But if you really can’t wait that long, I have put the links below.

UK: link here £1.99

US: link here $2.47

PLEASE NOTE: this book will only be on sale for a limited time.

Thanks for your support 🙂

I hope you enjoy.


Hello you.

My plans are proceeding well, although I’ve long since given up trying to meet any self-imposed deadlines. For all those of you who may be waiting (anxiously or otherwise) for the release of The Immortal Coil, Cornelius Quaint book 6, please know that I haven’t forgotten you, and all my sights are set on getting it released in the next few months.

The big news that I think I should share is that this book will be totally free to read.

Yes, you read that right. I have taken steps to remove all my books from sale and I don’t want to buck the trend by releasing a new one via Amazon. What I will be doing is offering the book for a contributions only release, so if you want it, I will make an announcement via this blog and on Twitter and my Facebook page and send it to you via email in an iBook or Kindle friendly version, whatever suits your reading habits best. I won’t be asking you to part with a single penny/cent/buck/dollar/yen (delete as appropriate). Instead I will leave it up to your own generosity to make a donation via my Paypal address.

It may be a bit controversial, but to me as I am winding things up writing-wise, it is the most appropriate option.

I welcome your thoughts on the subject.


the IMMORTAL Coil…

So…it’s finally finished.

After a lot longer than I had originally intended, I have finally completed “The Immortal Coil” Book 6 of the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles. The good news is that I am really happy with how it’s all turned out. This book has had a bit of a traumatic birth, and there were times when I wasn’t sure if I could finish it. But some kind folk urged me on, and after a long and arduous battle, I finally nailed it.

Writing this book has been the culmination of literally years of work. When I first created the Quaint Chronicles I knew the first would be set in London, and I knew the second was going to be in Egypt. I had an idea for the third book – which this was supposed to be – and after about 6 or so years, it’s amazing that so much of that original idea went into the final book.

I must admit that I got a bit side-tracked after book 2, and I had a lot of loose ends to tie up in the 3rd one. But the more I resolved, the more new ideas kept emerging and before I knew it, I was already 4 books in, and still I hadn’t told the tale within The Immortal Coil.

In all honesty, Book 5 “The MONARCH Key” was intentionally written to follow the end of Book 4, so there was to be a definite sense of an ending of sorts. The closing of the Hades Consortium arc and the resolution of Quaint’s mother. Quaint and Destine were broken away from the circus, and more affiliated with The Observatory. All of that paved the way not only for the events within Book 6, but also for all the other Quaint books that may or may not follow.

The IMMORTAL Coil is out Early 2017.


* if you want to know any more information about the Cornelius Quaint books, by all means drop me a line at corneliusquaint@hotmail.com or leave me a message on here.



Back On The Road


Hello you.

Just to say that after a little time off I have returned brighter and breezier.

I am currently about 3/4 of the way through Cornelius Quaint Book 6 THE IMMORTAL COIL and it’s been working out very well. I can’t quite understand why I keep throwing curveballs at myself when it comes to the plot, but there you go. That might sound odd because as the writer surely I am 100% in charge. But as anyone who has ever dabbled as a writer knows, you are at the mercy of the story and sometimes things just happen and it’s your job to go with the flow and try to get things back in order.

This happened to me as I was writing COIL. It was all working to plan and I was doing my thing when suddenly I wondered what it would be like if I did a certain something. I carried on with it and although it derailed my mind from the main plot for a moment, it actually fed really nicely into what I had intended. So sometimes a distraction can work to the betterment of the story.

If things go to plan – and if I can rein in my Mr Hyde side – then COIL should be finished in a few months. I haven’t yet decided where to go with the series after that, or if it even has a future. Again, I am toying with an idea that will radically shake things up…I have been carrying it around for several years now and I am still in two minds about what to do. When I get to the bit in the story I will have to make that decision, but for now, I will carry on blindlessly regardless.

Until next time,

Be Good.

or if you can’t be good, be the best you can be without getting caught.


Hello you.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that several of my books are no longer listed on Amazon.

In fact, the only ones available are those published by HarperCollins, over which I have no sway for the time being.

This move is one that I have long been contemplating, and the short version is that I no longer have the thirst for writing that used to consume my every waking thought (and the vast majority of my unwaking ones too). Part of this feeling is motivated by changes in my lifestyle which mean that I don’t have as much time to write as I used to, part of it is that I’m older and wiser and in a sense I have already set out to do what I wanted (to get a book in print). And in all honesty, the biggest part is a feeling that often compounds me, that of pissing in the wind before banging my head against a brick wall. I question whether it’s all worth it a lot of the time. And I’m being totally straight with you here. This is a decision that I’ve wrestled with for some time, so it’s not a cry for help. I’m not seeking reassurance, or acceptance. The truth of it is, if you are reading this now then it’s a safe bet that you’ve read some or all of my books or even just the one; it doesn’t matter, you’re part of the gang even if you’ve only made it halfway through. So you know I don’t need your sympathy 🙂

Maybe it’s just a phase. Maybe one day in a month, a year, ten years time, I will wake up and think again. Maybe not. We shall have to wait and see. I might write again under a different name and start from scratch building up a loyal fanbase like you lot.

So I took the radical step of taking down my books from Amazon and CreateSpace as a way of taking the first step towards complete retirement from writing. I still have a Cornelius Quaint book in the works that is due early to mid 2016 (and which I’m way behind on as some kind folks keep reminding me 😉 and I have a plan for how people can still read it without needing to go through Amazon. Oh, and this isn’t a hate-Amazon move either BTW. It’s purely a creative decision on my part. Nothing more.

If this does turn out to be my last book ever, I am determined to make sure that The Immortal Coil is one to remember me by. I promise to update this blog with news once it arrives and I’ll pop in to say goodbye and a massive thanks to all those nice people who have gone out of their way to support me over the years.


Latest News!

Hello you.
Please don’t think I’ve been ignoring you.

I’m currently ankle-deep writing The IMMORTAL COIL, which is book 6 in the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles (if you don’t include The QUAINT CHRISTMAS and The ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEUR, which i don’t BTW because they’re just short tie-in novellas and, although they are perfectly in canon, they’re not in continuity with the series – if you get me!).

Things are going really well at the moment, after a lot of soul-searching and me not finding the time to write, and then me not really having much enthusiasm to write, and me wondering if it was all worth it and would anyone really miss these characters if I just stopped writing these books – you know, the usual stuff – but then I hit my stride by writing a few chapters that I have had in my head literally for years. They are a bit like conversations that I’ve had with myself, or snippets of movies that only I can see in my imagination. I guess in that sense maybe they are a bit like dreams. It’s only when the book is finished and published into the “real world” that the stories are given life. Right now, they’re mine exclusively…but where’s the fun in that?

The big cliffhanger at the end of the last book, The MONARCH KEY, was whether Cornelius Quaint would find out the truth about what happened thirty years ago to his daughter, Constance. Why was she taken from him? Who did it and why? And where was she taken? All those answers will be revealed in The IMMORTAL COIL, I promise.

Coming later in 2015!!!!


New Stuff!


I’ve been very lapse with this blog, I know. And I’ve been even more lapse with my writing, I know that too. Mostly this is because I have a number of things on the go at the moment, and finding the time to juggle them all is often hard. It’s not for a want of wanting to, it’s just that life often gets in the way of living – as someone very wise once told me.

Coming very soon is “Lexi Drake: TEMPUS FUGITIVE”, a very exciting time-travel comdy adventure story starring Lexi Drake (the title is a bit of a giveaway, I admit.) Lexi is fresh and fun and the first time that I’ve used a female main character in one of my books. So for that alone, it’s special.

Coming soon after that is “The Argonaut’s Almanac Vol 2: EARTHBOUND”, a book that I know several folk have been eagerly anticipating. This is a tricky book to get right as so much needs to happen if I am to pull of the final part in the trilogy, “WARBOUND” which will hopefully be finished in time for Christmas 2015.

Hot on the heels of “WARBOUND” will probably be another Lexi Drake book if the first one is well received, before seeing Lexi teaming up with Eddie Sparks for the gloriously titled “The MYTHS of TIME”, and that’s going to be SO much fun to write I can hardly wait!!! It’s nearly as exciting as watching the new STAR WARS trailer…

But before then will see Book 6 in “The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles”, titled “The IMMORTAL COIL”, and this one is a big of a gamechanger, stuff I’ve hinted at in the past. It’s a risk because it’s different to all the other Quaint books – but not quite as different as Book 7, tentatively called “The GENESIS TOMB”. Now THAT is going to be a tough book to write, in more ways than one.

And I’m also missing the Station Guard and the rat…so they might come back at some point too.

And that’s just the stuff that’s in my HEAD!!!
Of course, anything could happen between now and then, but let’s stay positive here, people!

Much love.