Today I met my tomorrow

Hey, you! Yes, you there!
So, here’s what’s going on wit’ me. 

The sequel to The Equivoque Principle, The Eleventh Plague is now in the trusty hands of the copy-editors and I am really excited about what will come out of that phase, as well as where it will take the book. The cover is also being prepared, and I know it’ll look amazing. The talented Mr Liam Relph is doing a class act, just as he did on Equivoque, incorporating (nay, encapsulating) all the elements of the series’ concept. All that stuff about judging its book by its cover only applies to books with covers that are a bit rubbish, hinting that if only you were brave enough to snap it up on the story alone, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Well, I am pleased to report that this is not the case with the Cornelius Quaint books. The cover designs are intrinsic, setting the tone of the story to come – as all good covers should – and they are as much a part of the series’ brand/identity as anything written on the pages. More to come when it comes…

And what else?

Work continues at pace on The Argonaut’s Almanac trilogy, with volume 1 (Mythbound) in the bag and volume 2 (Earthbound) almost at the end -with plenty of ideas left over in my box of tricks for a blockbuster ending – which won’t really be an ending at all as it kick starts off the ongoing series. Once I finish volume 3 (Warbound) I start work whist the keyboard is still hot on volume 4 (Class of the Titans). It’s all go around here – but it’s not all work, work, work.

You be on your way now, but stop by again soon.


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