Tuesday’s boy

Hi all you Quaint folks,
Just so I don’t write one post then run out of ideas, I thought I’d zip another one along. Today I am working working working – not on my books, mind (as much as I’d like) But no. Doing my real (less interesting it has to be said) job.
But tonight, my friends, once the 5 o’clock bell rings, I am in writing mode and tonight I have a big thing to pull off (Ok, bad choice of words, but you know where I’m coming from (D’Oh! I did it again – but enough, or I’ll end up sounding like Lord Likely (http://www.lordlikely.com).
No, tonight I have to slot in about 50 pages of story that I’ve realised that I need. It’s an odd way to do stuff, but it works for me. It’s kind of like jotting down everything as it comes into my mind, and then going back and reshuffling it all around so it fits. Basically, I am almost at the end of the second volume of The Argonaut’s Almanac and I know where it’s got to be, as the 3rd book is already begun, but the hard part is knowing when to draw a line and stop. As it’s a continuing story across a trilogy, each volume has to stand alone as well as be part of a larger whole. At the moment, there is this big climactic event but unless I bolster vol2 and add more pages, it will occur in vol2 instead of vol3 where it belongs. With me? Good. So, the trick is to add story to vol2 that isnt superfluous, and last night I worked it all out – the hard part is writing it.
Anyways, you take care.


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