Caroline Smailes and her mighty pen

Hello all you Quaint folks,

Just to inform you that there is an interview with yours truly today on the sparklingly talented Caroline Smailes’s website. Do please pop over and say Hi, and even a chance to win one of 3 limited editions of The Equivoque Principle. And whilst you are there, stay awhile and have a look. For me I feel a bit like a fraud being interviewed by someone that I hold in such high regard, for whereas I am merely a writer….Caroline is an author. I write larger than life action, humour and adventure but she writes life that is smaller, more personal, and scrutinized with a lethal eye, all told with a far more intimate voice that I could ever dream of emulating. She could wipe the floor with me – in a purely literary sense, you understand.

For those who are not familiar with Caroline’s work, shame on you. ‘In Search Of Adam’ was one of those books that I read that stuck with me long afterwards. The innocent and haunting words are so wonderfully arranged, and the sheer force of will of Caroline’s writing comes through on every page. I have never read a narrative voice quite like it. When I held the book in my hands after reading just the first few chapters, feeling the intensity of the story, I felt as if I was in charge of a secret that only I knew.

Do something nice for your cerebellum today, introduce it to this, and Caroline’s subsequent novels Black Boxes and Disraeli Avenue (which is available to download for FREE my friends and well worth every non-penny you don’t even have to spend!). And there is more to come from Caroline next year, so add her to your favourites this instant!

Anyways, you pop off and see what I mean.


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