Six Degrees and counting…

I want you to take a look at these two pictures. You recognise him of course.
It’s Tom Bosley, better known as Mr Cunningham in Happy Days, and Father Dowling in the Father Dowling Mysteries.
But look again and you might be startled to know that this is in fact not solely Tom Bosley, for the picture on the left is actually that of actor David Doyle.
They look remarkably similar to me, and this is something that has become a bit of a myth to me.
I can’t actually recall if I figured this out all on my lonesome, or if I had help from one of my mates years ago, but here’s the deal.

David Doyle is perhaps best known for his role in the Charlie’s Angels TV show. Now wait, if you’ve never noticed this before you’d better sit down (of course, seeing as this is the net, no doubt you’re already sat down as only 3% of the Earth’s population access the internet whilst standing up).

David Doyle’s character in Charlie’s Angles was called Bosley and yet David Doyle looks remarkably similar to Tom Bosley. So, Bosley the character looks just like Bosley the real life person.

Do you have any idea how much that screwed with my mind as a youth? How could a fictional character called Bosley be played by an actor who bore an uncanny resemblance to a real person who was called Bosley?
Someone talk me through that.

And once you’re done, explain this group of brothers…

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