Clang Clang Clang

Hi all,
A couple of things to mention today…

Numero Uno: THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE is now out there in the shops, so why not treat yourself, your Mum, or your significant other to a copy. If you’d like a taster, pls feel free to take a gander’s at this link right hereabouts.

There you will also see for a limited time only FREE online copy of the complete 1st Cornelius Quaint adventure, THE EQUIVOQUE PRINCIPLE. And you can download it on your Kindle if you have such a thing. There is a real mixed bag of comments on there, but the thing is free, so if you don’t like it – stop reading it – it’s that simple, people. Some jokers on Amazon seem to delight in dissing various aspects of the book, and the internet has given people a nice little soap box to spread their disparaging comments. Constructive criticism will always be taken on board by yours truly, but out and out lethal tongued insults directed at myself or anyone involved in the book will not be met with a warm handshake and a pat on the back.

I am not one to make promises that I can’t fulfill, but in this case I am confident that you will love the book. And if you don’t, you can officially strike yourself off my Christmas card list. But if you’d prefer a guarantee with a bit more clout, how about this one: my esteemed publishers The Friday Project/HarperCollins are confident enough to make the claim that the book is as good as the Flashman series by George Macdonald Fraser and if you read it and do not agree, you can claim your money back if you keep your proof of purchase. Obviously, this is something that I would rather you didn’t do, as it will hurt my already tarnished feelings.

Secondly, by way of a reminder, the effervescent Caroline Smailes kindly loaned me use of her spinny chair and blogspace to introduce myself to her loyal following, and I found the whole thing nice and warming and thoroughly inviting. A very friendly bunch of people giving the Mistress of Squee some well earned (and much deserved support).

For those who didn’t see the post, check it out at this link courtesy of

Do pop by and say hello.

And there’s more. C’mere…

Another shooting star entering the stratosphere is Mr A.D. Fanton esq. Cunning linguists that we are, we have only gone and bleedin’ teamed-up to embark on an astonishing adventure by way of a massively cool partnership for Lord Likley’s 3rd birthday bash – namely between the eponymous Lord himself and the illustrious Mr Cornelius Quaint.

Part One of ‘The Bloody Baffling Buckingham Bluff‘ will tickle your laughter buds and it is available to read RIGHT GODDAMN NOW PEOPLE at this link. And there is much more to come as Quaint and Likely do that thang in the hunt for Silas Surprise…

So, that’s it from me. I’m feeling kinda woozy.


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