One Day Only – FREE stuff!

Hi all,
I thought that I would do a bit of a free giveaway ‘cos everyone loves free stuff, right? Even though it’s not exactly a cash bonanza, the lucky winner might still feel a glow of triumphant victory as they proudly display their prize to the world at large.
The best way to do this is for me to think of a question and get people to email me with the answer, are you with me? I know. Exciting, isnt it?

Now, the thing is, do I make it a toughie…or a GMTV ridiculously easy one?
And then, do I make it about a random subject, or something that I know a bit about myself so won’t have to do any research to find the right answer…or do I make it about one of my books/characters etc? Tricky, as I realise not all of you might be familiar with either ‘The Equivoque Principle‘ or its sequel ‘The Eleventh Plague‘ (both of which are out right now in paperback in case you were wondering, or you can read Equivoque for FREE via the links in the post previous to this one).
So I’ve plumped for a question that I think hits the middle of the road…here goes:
Question: In the animated series ‘THUNDERCATS’, what phrase did Lion-O say when he extended his sword? And I want the entire phrase please…don’t spare your blushes.
The winner will be selected from the list of whoever emails me at with the correct answer, and they will be selected at random by myself before 3pm this very day (Thursday 11th March). As a prize I shall bestow unto them a FREE (gasp!) SIGNED (gasp!) copy of ‘THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE‘. 
All I ask in return is that you submit a review of it somewhere (your blog/website/Amazon/cloud writing in the sky) wherever. 
The winner shall be contacted via the medium of email by myself shortly after 3pm today where they will be required to submit to me their mailing address. Then, I shall utilise the courier services of Royal Mail to dispatch to the victor their spoils. If you receive no email from me, that kind of sort of most likely means you didn’t win, get it? C’mon, you’ve done this before, right?
Simple enough? Good. 
Snap to it then.

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