The Finale Never Stops

Hi All,
Just a quick post to signal the end of two things. Firstly, the end of the 3 part Cornelius Quaint and Lord Likely team-up story – in case you missed it, shame and poxes upon you but here is the link anyway: HERE!!!!

Secondly, this features the end of my collaboration with Lord Likely’s scribe – the undefinable Mr A.D. Fanton – which is all a bit sad really, as I found we were able to gel both our minds, egos, ids and characters remarkably well.

Of course, on paper it was destined for greatness, wit such sparkling wit and vibrant minds chronicling such an adventure how dare it NOT win, but I would like to thank the Fanton Menace for coming up with the idea of us kicking back and teaming-up in the first place. 

Being a writer sort can be a bit of an insular business. I don’t exactly sit in my office/spare bedroom alone and type viciously until my fingertips bleed, but there is an element of the imprisonment of an idea to some extent in what I do. It only exists in a virtual world of fonts and pixels until it sees print. And so, it never occurred to me to collaborate with someone, or even if it would occur to someone to want to collaborate with me, modest soul that I am. 

The last time I attempted to collaborate on an idea it must have been sometime around 1995, and it was on a comic that never saw print with a good, but sadly no longer connected friend, of mine that had struck up a conversation with me one night down the pub about the X-Men. The conversation grew and expanded (as conversations about the X-Men tend to do) and this guy and I decided to do our own comic. I think this was before I had actually self-published anything before, but we would meet once a week with a few bottles of wine and thrash out some ideas, with the both of us doing the plotting and me doing the art chores. It was a great story, but sadly never saw the light of day (and never will, to be truthful) but that grounding of ‘give and take’ probably helped me during my collaboration with Mr Fanton Esquire – because it taught me that there are many ideas out there in the world other than my own, and some of them (many in Fanton’s case) are actually BETTER than mine, and all ideas should be considered. 

So, in answer to the unspoken question about whether I would collaborate again, I would probably say yes – although it would depend entirely on the other collaborator…as there needs to be an equal mix of oil and water, chalk and cheese, light and dark if the idea is to be something worthwhile and not just two mates mucking about. I had never spoke to FantonEsquire prior to writing the story, and in fact we have only spoken once on the phone when an area of the plot required it, so essentially we were two like minds beavering away (probably quite literally in Lord Likely’s case) who found a nice piece of common ground to lay down our respective camps and have some fun.

So then, do please check out and see the talents of Mr A.D. Fanton for yourself and I for one think that a tome featuring a compendium of Lord Likely adventures would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys laughing, gasping, sighing and reading.



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