Bucking the Trend

Slightly left field, possibly – but today I fancied Erin Gray. I mean, I fancied blogging about Erin Gray. Yeah, that’s it. Phew. So anyway, for those M.o.a.C.A’s (Men of a Certain Age) among us who didn’t need to google that name, you must already be familiar with Ms Gray’s work. I am of course mainly referring to this:

 Hot diggety dawg!
She’s a looker, no mistake. In my formative years growing up there were a few ladies of the opposite sex that used to make me go all funny. Chieftess amongst them was Erin Gray, aka Colonel Wilma Deering from “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”.

Those skin-tight lycra costumes were like a flame to my moth, and I was smitten. But alas, I was far too young at the time to be able to reconcile my stray emotions, and instead I imagined how I would feel if I were an astronaut onboard the Space Shuttle knocked upside the head and frozen in time for 500 years only to wake up, thaw out and realise that disco wasn’t dead, and on top of all that to-do – Wilma Deering was my guide to the 25th century.

It’s enough to make you go weak at the knees.
But then I noticed something else courtesy of Buck Rogers……..namely, this:

It was enough to drive a young man to distraction!!! But then I was faced with a dilemma.

Wilma Deering was a hottie, but then so was Princess Ardala. I could quite legitimately empathise with poor ol’ Buck, because there she was, this stinking rich princess constantly trying to jump his bones because he was a man from a less civilised age (aka the 1980’s), but clearly a bad girl….and on the other end of the spectrum was Wilma. What to do, what to do? Good girl strikingly beautiful in purple unitard, or bad girl princess who disliked the feel of any material against her naked flesh and so decided to wear as little of it as she could get away with before the watershed?

(Where is this watershed anyway? Sounds like it might be quite an interesting place. Like, this great big wooden shed at the bottom of your garden next to a pond. On one side of it is all sweetness and light, and yet on the other it’s all sex and violence – which bit would you stand in?)

Anyway, to sum up – I just couldn’t choose. I guess I felt a little Buck Rogers about it – a man out of time with the world and just when he thinks he understands how it all works the network goes and cancels it.


2 thoughts on “Bucking the Trend

  1. I though I was the only 8 year facing the Deering / Ardala conundrum, I'm now 35 and still none the wiser.

    We should start some kind of support group!

    Thanks for the post, you made my morning.


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