Yeah, so after my previous attempt to impart some extra special news I would like to try again.


I have received word that the ink has dried on the contracts and today I can tell you some very excellent news. For all you pony-eyed hacks who said I’d never amount to nuthin’, how I was destined to stay in the gutter where I belonged, well booyahsucks to you!! You were wrong.
Deal with it.

Actually, no one ever said any of those things to me. At least, not to my face.
But even if they had, I would have silenced the jokers with this latest news:

The first thing you need to know is that this book is unlike any other you have ever read.
The second thing is that the sentence directly above this one is absolutely true.
The third thing (if things one and two haven’t already got you reaching for the pre-order button) is that I am illustrating a brand new book called ‘Freaks!‘ which is going to be published by The Friday Project in Spring 2012.

The official quote from TFP is that ‘Freaks!’ is “a unique collaboration“, and it sees me provide the illustrations to some dazzlingly original, off the wall and downright mental stories penned by brilliant authors Caroline Smailes and Nik Perring. 

The official quote from me is that ‘Freaks!’ is “a collection of 50 (Count ’em!) short stories brilliantly written by Caroline and Nik, and they all feature people with uncanny abilities (be it a gift or a curse). The powers range from matter duplication, physical metamorphosis, flight, super-strength, to someone who is able to generate his own luck.
If you want the official roll call from this link it says that we are:
* Caroline Smailes – author of three novels published by The Friday Project, the most recent of which, Like Bees to Honey was described by Chris Cleave as ‘haunting, heartfelt and beautiful‘.
* Nik Perring – author of acclaimed collection of very short short stories, Not So Perfect, was published by Roast Books last year.
* Darren Craske – illustrator of Freaks, is also a novelist with his Cornelius Quaint chronicles hailed as ‘a boisterous comedy with hairpin plot twists‘ by The Times.
….and it gets better.
The esteemed Scott Pack, publisher of The Friday Project, has really championed this idea and the book will be published in the style of a traditional Japanese manga book and I hope all the combined fans of Caroline, Nik (and dare I say my own) will help us make this something that people are still talking about years in the future…

Peace in the valley!


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