Freak or Unique ??

Hello folks,

My email inbox must be a strange place to live.

Sometimes it is incredibly busy, with all sorts of secrets, lies and mysterious things flying about at once, yet at other times it is incredibly slow and I find myself pressing the Refresh button in Firefox just to make sure that it’s not gone to sleep on me. Sometimes  when I know Hotmail is being difficult, I might even sign out for an extended period just to show it who’s boss. Then when I log back in, it’s all like, “Listen, I’m sorry about earlier. I have no excuse for my churlish behaviour – it’s just that I know you’ve been thinking about GMail behind my back. Here, have tons of mails!

And then my inbox delivered me a nice little gift the other day, the finished cover to ‘FREAKS!‘ – written by Caroline Smailes and Nik Perring, with illustrations by some dude called Darren Craske – and it’s due out in all reputable bookshops in Spring of 2012. 

My gut feeling tells me that it’s going to be very well received, purely because of the talent involved and the sheer variety of stories on display is staggering, linked by a common thread – they are written by two people who know how to construct words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into stories of an original blend.

This, dear friends, will be my 3rd book to be published (after two Cornelius Quaint chronicles – ‘The Equivoque Principle‘ and ‘The Eleventh Plague‘ are still available to buy in most formats AND the 3rd volume ‘The Lazarus Curse’ (and possibly the 4th one too) will be out mid-2012 wrapping up the 4 part arc that I originally intended wayyyy back in 2006 or something. Would I write such a long arc again, I hear you ask – for which the answer is a resounding NO. Single volume stories from me from now on, thanks. I can’t be doing with all the waiting around.) Where ‘Freaks!’ differs is that not a word was penned by myself. No, I left that up to people better qualified and instead utilised the other string to my bow, which would be the drawing thing.

The book is very brilliantly described here: (link)  so I need not add anymore other than to say that it’s been fun turning other people’s words into 2-dimensional representations. There are fifty stories in Freaks! and every one is accompanied by one of my pics. Some stories were incredibly easy to visualise, an instant snap image beamed into my brain – whereas others were a bit more of a challenge to bring to life. There are themes running through the short stories in that the characters are blessed/cursed with superhuman powers of differing impact and ability. These ain’t the type to dress up in lycra and defend their local communities; they are just normal people with abnormal abilities, and the stories that Caroline Smailes and Nik Perring have come up with are truly original.

Both of those two are successful authors in their own right. 

Caroline Smailes made an instant impact with her debut story ‘In Search of Adam’, followed by ‘Black Boxes’ – my personal favourite ‘Like Bees To Honey’ and very soon some other exciting digital projects. Caroline’s website is located here  and her blog is here.
Nik Perring is also very successful in the world of short story fiction, gaining an army of fans and excellent reviews for his debut collection of short stories ‘Not So Perfect’.
Nik’s website is here and he blogs frequently here.

And so to you, Mr Man and Mrs Woman, I present the front cover artwork for ‘Freaks!’.

Why not pop on over to Amazon (other retailers are available) and pre-order yourself a copy.

Until next time – stay frosty, marines!!!


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