Quaint Expectations

Hello you.
I just popped on today to let you know about the things going on in the world of the interweb featuring Cornelius Quaint at the moment. It’s all part of a 5 week campaign to help promote the release of the 3rd book in the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles, The Lazarus Curse which was released today, 20th February.

 I have enlisted a few kind folk to help me spread the word blogwise, such as Caroline Smailes, Nik Perring, Bob Burke and even my illustrious publisher, Mr Scott Pack, and as well as all that there is something a bit special going down at Quaint’s new blog as well as on his Twitter feed (@CorneliusQuaint) and his Facebook page.

Basically, if you pop on over to the new blog you will see the first part in a brand new exclusive story that will continue to be revealed each Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 AM GMT. At the cliffhanger ending to each of Wednesday’s episodes, Quaint’s life will hang in the balance, and it can only be saved by YOU kind folk, or reasonable facsimiles of yourselves. Not by the giving of money (although, it is rarely refused) not by the offering of your firstborn (do you know how expensive they are to run?) nor even will you have to offer your hand (or any other part of your anatomy) in marriage (and/or) civil partnership to Cornelius Quaint himself. No, sir. No, madam.

All you need to do is drop by the blog at 11AM on Wednesday 22nd February which will take you then to a link on Quaint’s new Facebook page, where you will see a question, as well as a code that needs to be deciphered in order to answer it.Sounds simple, right? And it is. It couldn’t be any simpler if it were designed by a three year-old marmoset missing three of the digits on its right hand with only a half-eaten crayon and a piece of slate to write on. Once you have used the Cornelius Cipher to decode the message, simply Follow @CorneliusQuaint on Twitter and send him a Direct Message including the hashtag #LazarusCurse and your answer.

Remember….there are PRIZES TO BE WON!!!!

I have called The Lazarus Curse my THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. It’s got tons of action and peril, as anyone that has read the first two books will expect – nay, demand – as well as the events in this book, whilst having an obvious link to the events in the previous two, also begin to show what the series has always been about, ever since I sat at a keyboard and began typing away. Sometimes I made it up as I went along, but sometimes I knew exactly what I needed to show/tell to lay the seeds for the future. The sharp-eyed amongst you that have read the books will see a lot of threads paying off, whilst unearthing some brand new ones. There is also something that happens that I hope will shock some people, and I KNOW it will shock others. This something I um-ed and ah-ed about for some time, rewriting bits of it several times because I felt guilty what I was about to do. In the end, I stuck to my guns and I think the story is better for it.

But it’s the first time that Quaint has gone exclusively on ebook, so I am hoping that all the nice girls and boys that got shiny new Kindles and iPads for Christmas will think of me when they are scanning through the lists of reasonably-priced ebooks!

If you are one of those yet to take the plunge, fear not – for over the next few weeks you will be able to win a FREE copy of The Lazarus Curse, amongst other prizes.

I do this…all of this…only because I care.


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