Rise, Lazarus, Rise!

Hello you.

Just wanted to pen a quickie blog post following the release of the third book in the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles, The Lazarus Curseavailable right now on ebook exclusive for a mere £2.49 and I make this personal guarantee to you right now – it is well worth you spending your hard earned!

If you don’t believe me (and let’s face it, I’m biased so why should you?) take a look at what some very nice people have already said about The Lazarus Curse – and it’s only been out a week!

I am dead chuffed that it’s getting a warm reception thus far, and yes, I know it’s too early in the day to start planning my retirement villa in Australia, but this is my favourite Quaint story so far – and perhaps either by definition or just plain old luck it also happens to be the best written book in the series so far, so if people are liking it, then I know I have done a good job.

Cornelius Quaint is a conjuror that has become bound to Fate, and it seems that as much as he tries to avoid it, he is unable to control the path that he is walking on. Where that path will ultimately take him I cannot reveal as yet (well…until the release of the 4th book in the series (and possibly the last if CQ doesn’t make it to the last page) which is called The Romulus Equation and it will be released possibly early next year or maybe even later this one. At the moment things are still wide open in that area for reasons that may or may not be made public knowledge any time soon…

A reminder that there is a promotion going on at the moment over on the new Quaint blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook, to read a brand new and exclusive Quaint serial and learn how you could win a free copy of The Lazarus Curse, amongst other prizes, so please do pop along and see what it’s all about.

It won’t be the same without you (yes, YOU madam!).

Peace Out.


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