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Breaking away from The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles – which are aimed at a more adult audience (although not necessarily more grown-up) The Lantern Menace is my first stab at Middle Grade/YA fantasy adventure story and it’s interesting as I probably have more YA books tucked away up my sleeve than any other genre. Those are the kind of books that I like to read, and so naturally it rubs off on my writing. I have a few more YA adventures coming this way soon – plus some extra spesh news about the Cornelius Quaint series…specifically what happens once The Romulus Equation is released later in the year…

I haven’t really promoted The Lantern Menace in any forceful way, partly as it was my first indie-published title and I wanted to get more confident in that world. I put it out there because it’s a great story but in many ways I have just opened the door for it and now it has to find its own way in the world. Once more people start to read it, and more folk begin to talk and leave reviews and tell their friends and all the stuff that’s wonderful, then the book will have much more life and it will either become something or it will not. I’m not putting any pressure on it. As long as it doesn’t go all rebellious on me and refuse to answer my calls.

And to help The Lantern Menace find its way in this world I thought I would do a free ebook giveaway.

If you sir, or you madam, were one of the folks who won a copy, in your own way you would be helping to give life to the book too. So you’d sort of be like its godparents.

You don’t have to do anything fancy to win one of FIVE free ebooks that I have to giveaway!

No brain-busting question to answer, no mind-bending mathematics to solve.

All you have to do is leave a comment below along the lines of “Yes please!” then I will stick all the names in a virtual hat and randomly pick out 5 lucky winners. Pop back here on Monday 11th June to find out if you are one of the lucky winners. And then if you would kindly email me at stating whether you would like the Kindle version or the iBooks version I will send it spiraling towards you through the transcendental delights of the internet, right to your inbox.

The only tiny little favour I ask is that you’d be kind enough to review it on Amazon or wherever once you are done.

Thanks so much……….and hey……Let’s not make this any more embarrassing than it needs to be, okay?

Like, if I come back on Monday and find there are only 4 comments or something it’s going to take all the surprise out of the occasion, so let’s try to get into double figures at least, okay? I know you can do this.But even by some stroke of misfortune you don’t win a free copy (which, considering hardly anyone reads this blog, the chances of are incredibly slim) you can still buy The Lantern Menace from other sources for a mere buck!

Link to the Smashwords listing for Universal folk.

Link to listing  for UK folk.

Link to the listing for United States folk.

Thank you!!!



5 thoughts on “Free ebook Giveaway!

  1. I’m an old friend who was researching your success and came across this blog perchance. I also love free stuff so yes please.

  2. Excellent then! YOU ALL WIN !!! What were the odds of that…….I will be in contact to find out what platform you wish it to be sent in.
    Many thanks!

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