Above His Station

Following hot on the heels of ‘The Lantern Menace comes my newest ebook, and this one is completely different not just to TLM but different to anything I have ever written before.

The origins of ‘Above His Station‘ are also different to TLM’s, in that this wasn’t a completed story that I had sat on my hard drive for years gathering dust, it is a brand new project that I started earlier in the year once I had decided to venture into the world of indie-publishing. I made a promise to myself not to be restricted, not to worry about what genre it was, or even what sort of reader it was aimed at. I didn’t want anything at all to dictate how I might approach the story.

And speaking of which…here is the blurb.

As the new guard at Regal Street Underground station takes his post, he is oblivious to something extraordinary that has affected the entire population of London. Isolated on the station platform with no other person in sight, the guard is completely cut-off…until a foul-mouthed talking rat informs him that he is probably better off where he is, as chaos has broken out on the streets above.

And that’s not the only thing, as the station guard realizes when he is attacked by an escaped tiger roaming the Underground, devouring any prey that it comes across…

Fleeing for his life, the guard picks up the rat and they make their way up to ground level and try to find the answers to what catastrophe has befallen London, as well as what they can do (if anything) to help put it right.

What they find is not at all what they expected.

And its impact is felt far beyond the limits of the capital.

In their quest for the truth, the guard and his rodent companion cross paths with a pack of deadly wolves, car-driving flamingos and anteater policemen before their search takes them for an audience with the king of all beasts, and a journey that will transport them to the farthest side of the galaxy with the fate of humankind hanging in the balance…

So there you have it. ‘Above His Station‘ will be released for the Kindle, iPad, Nook etc later this month, and I’m sure there will be lots of posts before then just so everyone is in the know.

I’m a bit excited about this book as it’s the most ‘me’ book that I’ve ever written. I know I said that about ‘The Lantern Menace‘, but it’s also true of this one too. Unlike TLM, ‘Above His Station‘ is intended for adults, for anyone over the age of about 12 (cos it’s got rude words in it) and anyone beyond.

And here’s the front cover, created by my own fair (to middling) hands.


More details to come very soon!!!


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