My Trumpet

Hello you.
I wanted to whet your appetite for my new release ABOVE HIS STATION, so here are a few pics that I drew of some of the main characters. It’s actually a bit hard to tell you what the story is about without telling you what it’s about (if you get my meaning) and plus, I’m not very good with hyperbole and blowing my own trumpet (I just can’t reach, for one thing). Whenever I try it, it always makes me sound big-headed, and let’s face it “this is the best story in the world” doesn’t really cut it for readers of discernible tastes (such as yourselves.

So, I guess all I can really say is that it’s mad stuff. No, really. I mean it. Some serious mega-shit happens in this book. Okay, so that was bordering on the egotistical, but I’m being deadly serious.

I’ve got this friend (and by that I don’t mean that I’m really talking about myself, I really do have this friend) and he’ll know who he is if he reads this. Anyway, he criticizes me (helpfully, I might (and indeed do) add) and he says that I need to learn how to describe my books in tasty bite-size portions without giving away everything but the dessert. I have taken this to heart, but now find it almost impossible to describe ABOVE HIS STATION without letting something slip, and by something I mean a spoiler.

There are usually surprises and shocks galore in my Cornelius Quaint series, but for the most part they are kind of measurable twists and turns that are part of the DNA of the series – which, for those who haven’t worked it out by now (and god knows I’ve been spelling it out in every book) it isn’t about being a Victorian-set mystery thriller, or even a knuckle-gnawing thrill-ride from one cliffhanger to the next. It IS those things, but it’s actually so much more and as yet I think a lot of people have missed that. Some have got it, judging by those that have been kind enough to leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever, but there are also others who haven’t understood. This is fine. There is no pressure upon any reader to pick up on the theme at the risk of this spoiling the story.

But with the last volume (for now anyway) THE ROMULUS EQUATION due out later in the year, people will know exactly what I have been building towards these past three books (and many more years). I won’t spell it out at the risk of it ruining people’s reading experience, but let me just say that everything that Cornelius Quaint has been through (even going back further than THE EQUIVOQUE PRINCIPLE) is part of a larger plan, and everything is connected. I have dropped these subtle hints along the way, even going so far as to create a character who dislikes coincidences as much as Indiana Jones dislikes snakes. And there is a very good reason for that – but it’s a story for another time. This post is all about me telling you what ABOVE HIS STATION is about (and so far I think I am doing a good job of evading the question).

So, if you will oblige, may I merely talk around it.

ABOVE HIS STATION is unlike any book that I have written. And it’s also unlike anything I’ve ever read. And I’m not just saying that to puff up my chest. It’s a little bit like me taking all the sorts of pop culture and trivia that you never knew you needed to know and splatting it into a story that is so unique that it doesn’t even have a genre.

God knows how I’m going to market the thing.

For now, let me just say that it’s takes all sorts of beats from ALICE IN WONDERLAND, ANIMAL FARM, THE THIRD POLICEMAN and I AM LEGEND and with influences from the likes of Douglas Adams, Tom Holt, George Lucas and others, and then it mixes it all up in the blender in my head to produce something that really is strangely strange. Enough hyperbole, it’s making my eyes itch. Anyway, you’ll soon be able to find out for yourself.

So, onto those pictures then…




Image The Rat & the Station Guard


Haakenslaars Bloch, Chief Arbitrator for the Sentient Life-form Ethical Treatment & Valued Diversity Tribunal Committee (SLETVDTC for short)


Nixt-Plar Sandersanderson

ABOVE HIS STATION is released on ebook at the end of June 2012.


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