It’s finally here…


Front cover to ABOVE HIS STATION…

Hello you.

It’s me again.

Today’s the day.

No, not when the teddy bears have their picnic – but the release of ABOVE HIS STATION.

I’ve been pretty cagey about the plot as I really don’t want to spoil the surprise…and it will be a surprise, I promise.

This is the book that I have waited all my life to tell.

I plotted it, wrote it, edited it (lots of times!), proof-read it (even more times!), drew the cover, illustrated the pictures, the lot. So I only have myself to blame if it ends up being shit.

Except it’s not.

In fact, it’s really rather good.

As some folk like to have nice tidy genres in order to classify books, I can say that ABOVE HIS STATION is a comedy/science fiction/adventure/whodunnit/whydunnit/thriller/fantasy/musical/story with a message.

It’s got a talking rat, a man-eating tiger, a pack of vicious wolves, a flamingo, a couple of gorilla bouncers, a talking snake, a musical number, a very far fetched plot, some fights, a couple of chases, some threats of extreme violence, a trip into outer space, Eddie Murphy, Professor Brian Cox and loads loads more….

If there’s a book that’s as bonkers as this one, then I’ll eat my left thigh.

It’s got swears in it though, so probably best for anyone over the age of about 13 (because everyone knows that kids under 13 don’t swear, right? Yeah. I thought so).

Anyway….ABOVE HIS STATION is available RIGHT NOW from the Kindle store by clicking this sentence!!!

thank you!!!


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