Competition Time!

Only me.

All this week (Mon-Fri) I will be running a daily competition to help spread the word that ‘ABOVE HIS STATION’ is now available for the Kindle. As you know if you frequent these pages, AHS is my latest ebook, and it’s wayyy different not just only to what you might know of me and my writing, but I think it might just be a little bit different to anything that you’ve read before.

So here’s the deal: starting from today until Friday, I will be posting an image on this blog and also on my Facebook page featuring one or several of the characters from ABOVE HIS STATIONĀ but representing a (possibly) well-known movie.

All you have to do is email me at to tell me what FILM is being represented and your name will go into a hat and a daily winner will be selected at random to win a free ebook copy of ABOVE HIS STATION. It literally could not be any simpler than that…

Some of the images will be instantly recognizable to most of you, but some might need some thinking.

Remember, there are 5 chances to win – so even if you don’t win today, come back tomorrow and try again!

So without further delay, below is today’s image.



What film is this? Easy one, right???

Even if you don’t win, a reminder that ABOVE HIS STATION is available from this link!


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