A big thanks to all those lovely people with great taste that downloaded ABOVE HIS STATION during the free promo period. It’s come to an end but you can still buy your copy from the Amazon Kindle store via this link 🙂this link

At £1.29 it’s not as much of a bargain as ‘free’ but I hope that once you start reading you’ll be hooked.

There have been some very positive new reviews, and that’s fantastic and makes all my blood sweat, tears worth it! I’m joking. ABOVE HIS STATION was a joy to write from start to finish and is a rare beast in that I think (modesty aside) I actually produced a better story that I had hoped for.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound big- headed. It’s really not supposed to, it’s just me being immensely proud of what I have created. No harm in that, surely 🙂

And it’s also rare because usually when I finish a book I just move right onto the next one, and I hadn’t really intended to start a new series so soon after the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles. I wanted to focus on more standalone books, as well as finally publishing a few other books sat gathering dust on my hard drive. But then a funny thing happened…

I got to the end of ABOVE HIS STATION and realised that I didn’t want to say goodbye to those characters just yet. I had become more attached to the rat and the guard than any other characters
that I have ever created previously.

And then one day without really thinking about it, a title popped into my head…but not just that, it came with a fully-formed plot. It’s was like I had just watched a 2 hour film in my head in a matter of milliseconds. And then came another title, and another plot – one that picked up directly after the 2nd book…and before I knew it, I had plotted out a trilogy!

A good friend of mine once said to me “What do you do? Think of a title first and then make the rest up as you go?“… In the case of AHS that’s exactly what I did…and I was really happy with the results (and hopefully all that read AHS agree) so I thought what the hell…

My only fear is that I get to the end of the trilogy and find out that I STILL can’t say goodbye…but that is a bridge that I look forward to crossing in due course 😉


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