THE LANTERN MENACE – free to download


Just a quick post to let you know that THE LANTERN MENACE will be completely FREE to download for Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd July from the Amazon store (UK & UK etc).

Here is the blurb:

Princess Castria is a hurricane in a tiara that pushes her royal powers (and her best friend Finch Balfour’s nerves) to their absolute limits with her pranks. But when she steals a dusty old lantern belonging to a one-eyed wizard, not only has she put the kingdom of Fanthia at risk, there’s a distinct possibility that the Wold itself might be in danger…

Castria has no idea that the lantern contains the incarcerated soul of D’Monica Grace: the witch single-handedly responsible for the darkest period in the Wold’s history – and now it has fallen into Fanthia’s most hated enemies’ hands, with plans to reconstitute the ultimate evil into flesh, blood and bone once more.

Along with Fanthia’s resident spell-crafter, Rufus Lightfoot, the troublesome princess (with Finch swept up in her wake) must set forth on a race against time to retrieve the lantern before D’Monica’s soul is reborn and the Wold is plunged into despair. It’s going to be an impossible journey with danger and betrayal at every turn, and many factions conspiring against Finch and Castria, determined to see them fail…

Nice things that people have said about it:

“an incredible tale full of adventure, plot twists and turns, a dangerous journey filled with nightmarish beasts and characters so real they leap off the page. It’s also a wickedly funny book with many pop culture references that will have you laughing out loud.”

“I skipped from page to page, with visual images portrayed through the words in this master wordsmiths natural style, even the fantasy creatures can be pictured as if they were real. And once again I was disappointed to come to the end of the book!”

“projects pictures into your head and I could see the action happening so vividly that I almost felt that I had watched a film rather than read a book (and what a good film it would make)” link: link:

I certainly hope you can pop along and download your free copy….and if you do, I would be indebted if you’d pop onto Amazon once you’re done and leave a review – good, bad or indifferent (heaven forbid).

Thank you!!!


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