It’s been a very busy year for me so far, what with book 3 of The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles (The Lazarus Curse) out in March, followed by Freaks! by Caroline Smailes and Nik Perring, (that I provided the illustrations for) and then in May there was The Lantern Menace – my first self-published book, and most recently in June came Above His Station (my best and favouritest book to date) – and later in the year/early 2013 I have the fourth (and possibly final) Cornelius Quaint book – The Romulus Equation plus the sequel to Above His Station, called Before His Time.

And on top of that I have another book due out very soon…

I know at first glance this might make me look terribly prolific, but really it’s just me capitalising on the ability to self-publish, enabling some of my favourite books that are currently languishing on my hard drive to see the light of day.

This next book and I have been acquaintances for many years. Sometimes we gel and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we bicker and fight, and sometimes it’s all sunshine and roses.

You see, ‘Mythbound‘ (the first book in The Argonaut’s Almanac trilogy) and I have had a difficult relationship over the years, but we’ve never fallen out of love. It’s been like a soundtrack set against my writing career thus far. It’s always been there. As one of the first books that I wrote when I started this writering thing (I think about 2003) it has gone through many iterations over the years, hopefully making it all the better.

Sometimes I have been struck by a thought which has changed the entire direction of the book, and sometimes i lie awake at night wondering if that ‘new direction’ that I’ve just written was worth it. I have changed whole chapters only to realise that they are the most important, I have killed off characters, I have added new ones, I have extended the series from one book to two books to three, I have changed the MC’s age about 6 times, I have given him more problems, I have made him grow up, I have tried NOT to make him like all the other teen MCs that are everywhere you look these days……..I have done all of these things and still the spirit of Mythbound remains.

I would like to think that this is because the idea and execution are strong, that the writing speaks to the reader in some way, making a connection.

A few chapters of Mythbound were formerly up online at one of the author community sites and it got some excellent feedback. In the years between then and now it has become so much easier to self-publish, and for someone like me with a back catalogue waiting in the wings, it’s an absolute gift.

I won’t say what Mythbound is about right now, that’s a post for another time, but here are a few of the comments about it from times past when I was flogging my wares on the author communities.

“Lovely book that I am sure my 12 year old son would enjoy. Great dialogue and a style that would capture its target audience”

“In many ways it put me in mind of some of the old-style writers for children – it has a timeless quality. I’m not suggesting this is old-fashioned, it’s very topical, just thinking of books from my own childhood and remembering what it was that made the good ones work so well. This book has that quality.”

“This is just the kind of literary bantering that would keep my dyslexic son interested. The dialogue is simple, yet does as much to weave and build on plot movement as the narrative”

“A brilliant premise, realised in flawless elegant style that easily ‘sparks’, indeed, sparks the imagination, lighting dull rooms in the mind, even those of us dim-witted grown ups. The tale screams for illustrations.”

“Outstanding and quite the charming young person’s fantasy story.”

“I loved T H White’s books about King Arthur as a child and I got a real scent of his writing when I read this. Great fun. I would have loved to have read this too as a kid”

“It’s like ‘Where The Wild Things Are‘ just got the 21st century treatment, this is gorgeous!”

And so there you are, just a little taster of things that people have already said.

Mythbound: The Argonaut’s Almanac: Vol 1 will be out very soon…….;)


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