Mythbound: Synopsis


Very short and sweet, this. I just wanted to pop on to show the synopsis for MYTHBOUND: The Argonaut’s Almanac Vol 1, available early August 2012 from the Kindle Store. I will be having some promo freebie days upon release, so hopefully lots of you folk will download it (and with any luck leave your review, ‘cos reviews is my life-blood as an author and if I don’t get them (good or bad) I wonder if anyone is listening…….

When 12 year-old Eddie Sparks moves with his family from London to Cornwall he thinks it’s the end of his world, but little does he know that his real troubles have yet to begin.

Whilst Eddie is studying for a school project at his local library, the caretaker gives him a book on mythology called ‘The Argonaut’s Almanac’ – which would have been totally fine had the caretaker not turned out to be Merlin the Magician in disguise. And it would also have been totally fine had the book not turned out to be the living record of all manner of mythological beasts populating the fabled world of Mythologica and should anything every happen to it, it would have a direct impact on reality.

When a strange man shows up claiming to be Will Scarlet from the Robin Hood legend, Eddie is naturally sceptical, but then Will tells him that Merlin has asked him to see ‘The Argonaut’s Almanac’ safely returned to Mythologica, with Eddie as the book’s current caretaker, he has no choice but to follow Will on an adventure that pushes his understanding of the word ‘impossible’ to its limits.

With Will as his guide, Eddie takes a flight on a giant Roc, visits the splendour of Warrior’s Gauntlet gladiatorial arena, sees the flying horses of Pegasus Park, and is forced to fight for his life within the Forest of Whispers on the aptly-named Forbidden Island. Along the way, he makes friends with a disgruntled ogre, a constipated Minotaur and a Harpy princess. At first glance, Mythologica seems like a paradise.

But as Eddie soon learns, even paradise has its dark side.

Decades before, the world had been plagued by flocks of blood-thirsty Harpies at the bidding of the dreaded witch Morgana Le Fay and her villainous son, Mordred. It was the darkest moment in Mythologica’s long history; a time of such monumental devastation that everyone thought could never happen again.

Everyone was wrong…”


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