Begging Bowl

Hello you.

Now, you know me. I rarely ask for anything in return. Except this one time.

You see, some months back I offered ABOVE HIS STATION ebook completely free for a week via the Amazon Kindle Marketplace, with the sole intention of getting the book out there, and getting people to read it and – with any luck – generating some very healthy sales off the back of it.

But whereas the ebook was download over 1000+ times, both here in the UK and in the United States, Italy and France, the number of actual reviews that it generated were less than what I had hoped for.

For an author (especially a self-published one like me) a review is like currency. Amazon and Goodreads are the main stages, and people do pay a lot of notice to how many stars a book has got. I do it myself. Especially if I am buying a book by an author that I am unfamiliar with. A book might be cheap to buy, but I’m interested in what people who have actually read it think about it.

I always read the reviews for my books (as I’ve got a bit more experienced as an author thankfully the reviews have become more favourable!) but not because I want to pat myself on the back, but because I am interested in what people think about my books. Why should I just write something that I love and release it into the world and then not give a shit what happens to it afterwards? I have nurtured that idea since its inception. I have fed it and clothed it, I have shaped it into the book that it is today – in short, I care about it – and I care that other people care about it too.

So, now that BEFORE HIS TIME has been released (and it’s only £1.96 so it’s a bargain!) I would like to reach out to all of those 1000+ people that have read ABOVE HIS STATION yet not got around to leaving a review yet, I would be very grateful if you could go to Amazon, or Goodreads or on your own blogs or wherever and just pen your thoughts to give other people something to go on.

By the way, a big thank you to everyone who has left a review (Goodreads/Amazon/Blog/Wherever). Some have been very very positive and flattering, and i am glad that there are people out there who share my sense of humour. I especially love it when a reviewer picks up on something that is intentionally in the book for a reason (you’d be amazed the amount of people that were able to pick up on what I was doing in the Cornelius Quaint books ie; not many).

So how about it……….a free book for an honest review?

Not too much to ask, is it?

And on that score…………….if anyone would like a free ebook copy of either ABOVE HIS STATION or the sequel BEFORE HIS TIME, then by all means drop me a line at and I will swing it your way double-quick!



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