An Obligatory Beatles song Reference…

So, I love how much freedom the ability to self-publish ebooks has given me, right? Instead of being faced with submitting my books left,right and centre in an effort to get a new publishing deal, it now means that I can publish what I like, when and how I like it. It’s all good, and without it I probably would have quit writing by now.

I’ve done my time hawking my wares, and I’ve got the rejection letters to prove it. Okay, so that was a few years ago and I’ve developed a lot as a writer since then. But I am still mentally scarred by the whole process of agent and publisher submissions that whilst I might be missing out on many things by not signing with a major publisher, at least I am satisfying the part of me that needs to be a writer (I hate the word ‘author’).

But sometimes I wonder if that’s enough. When I wrote ‘ABOVE HIS STATION‘ last year I had so much freedom that I could write whatever I wanted. The story could (and indeed, did) go to places that I might have steered clear of had it been something that I was going to submit to a publisher. I don’t know how to explain it really, perhaps it was the element of not trying to please anyone but myself. Yes, that’s probably it now I come to think of it. If I only had myself to impress, then I could push myself further than I might have gone under different circumstances. Not that I am saying that I would be tougher on myself than anyone else, but it was more a case of not trying to seek out that elusive “hit book” that I have spent years searching for. Now I’m older and a little bit wiser (honest) I am no longer looking for the book that I mark my career by, the one that gets the most press or sells the most copies – the one that makes me feel like I’ve hit the mark that I set for myself many years ago. I don’t have a mark anymore only to focus on making each book better than the last.

So, okay, getting back to the point of this post…some time back I signed up with CreateSpace (for those of you unfamiliar, kind of like the Kindle Direct Publishing route for ebooks, but instead for printing your very own paperbacks). I always wanted to see ABOVE HIS STATION in paperback format, but I thought the only way that this would happen was if I was approached by a publisher after reading the ebook.

Now that I have gone down the CreateSpace route, I will soon be producing a paperback version of ABOVE HIS STATION, and if that goes down well, then I will do the same with BEFORE HIS TIME and eventually BEYOND HIS YEARS too. The paperback version is exactly the same as the ebook; same story, same pics and stuff at the end, same overall madness – BUT the key difference is that you get to hold it in your hands and bend it, crease it, turn back the corners, drop it in the bath, feed it to your hamster…or you can just read it if you like. A paperback is so much more versatile than an ebook, even if you can’t carry around thousands of them in your pocket at one time.

So, instead of me thinking that going down the ebook self-publishing route meant that I would never be able to produce a paperback again, instead it’s opened up another avenue for me to hawk my wares.

Now all I have to do is get people to buy the bloody thing….

More details soon once ABOVE HIS STATION is available in print!!!!!


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