Hello. The title is a bit of a giveaway, which – coincidentally – is also the reason for this post! Image

My very generous publishers, The Friday Project, have given me 5 (Yes! FIVE!) A3 sized posters of the cover to The Romulus Equation (above) to give away and each one is signed by yours truly. I have one on my wall (not a signed one – that would be a bit immodest) and I can confirm that they look ace.

So, if anyone would like to chuck their name into the hat to try to win one of those 5 signed posters then all you have to do is something very simple. No questions, no complicated conundrums, I’m not even going to test you on your knowledge of the Quaint Chronicles.

Nope. All you gotta do is tweet me @DarrenCraske using the hashtag #corneliusquaint and your name will automatically be entered into a draw later this week. I only have 5 signed posters to give away, but please spread the word…


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