Weekend Freebies – The Results


This past weekend I thought I would share all of my self-published ebooks for free on particular days. The reason why is that it should (hopefully) result in A) allowing new readers to read one of my books, and B) perhaps entice them to read others and C) generate loads more reviews online – which then also helps new readers judge whether my books are for them or not.

When I have done this in the past it has worked for A and B, but not necessarily C. But from that I can take something positive, in that it is so much harder to say nice things about a book than it is to slag it off. The fact that I didn’t get inundated with slaggings off I take as a plus.

I’m not a major name writer. I am not backed by a global conglomerate. I do not sell hundreds of thousands of copies of my books. I have a small (and loyal) following, and my name is not widely recognised either within or outside the publishing industry. I have a decent back catalogue that I am really proud of, and most people that I know who have read my stuff have read more than one book. I am an ebook author, which means that I cannot reach all my target audience, as not everyone has access to an iPad, Kobo, Kindle etc. I will probably not win this war with a single victory, but with lots of little ones. I am content to truckle along on my own steam and just write books about things that I care about and stories that I have in my head. I have wanted to write stories since I was a kid, and now I get the opportunity to do that. I will probably never write a single defining book that is universally adored.

Those are things about me that I know.

Some of them I am quite happy with, whereas other things I’m not, and some are not in my ability to control. There are other things too, that although they are what they are right now, may very well change at any point in the future.

And so, I thought it might be interesting to share with you the download numbers from my books over the weekend. Some books were available free for 1 day, some 2 days, and around the world different countries have different tastes. These numbers are certainly encouraging as the result of an experiment to promote multiple titles at once, so it is probably something that I might consider doing again. True, they are not exactly earth-shatteringly big – but I am okay with that. In fact, I’m glad about it – because these books were all going for free, so I don’t make a single penny out of them. if the numbers had been in their thousands on a freebie promo, I would still be over the moon, but I’d know that each one was a potential lost royalty.

But hey, I didn’t get into this game to make money – which is good because I don’t 🙂 and that’s not why I stay in the game when it would be far easier just to walk away and take up playing golf or something instead of typing away at a laptop. I got into this game because I am good at it and I enjoy it and I know that lots of other people enjoy it too. It doesn’t cost me anything, and it allows me to satisfy my creative urges. So, whether I am a major name writer, or just an artistically satisfied very minor one, I still enjoy what I do.

Below is a little table showing the download totals for each Amazon site across the globe. As MYTHBOUND only came out last month it is still brand new, and so I’m really pleased that so many people will soon be reading it.

Little victories, remember?



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