Turn the THE MONARCH KEY and see what it unlocks…

ImageHello you.

Up there you will see the cover to the 5th (!) book in The Cornelius Quaint Chronicles (not including The Quaint Christmas and The Enthusiastic Amateur) which is available to download for a very reasonable sum RIGHT HERE!

THE MONARCH KEY is not only the conclusion to the epic cliffhanger from the end of THE ROMULUS EQUATION, but it’s also the seeds for where I am taking the series next. Whereas the first 4 books covered different chapters within the same arc, this book begins a brand new ongoing theme – which makes it the perfect jumping-on point for new readers!!!

Whereas it’s always been part of the CQ books to feature a “What Happened Previously” bit, I am always aware that some readers that are new to the series might find coming in at volume 3 or 4 a bit daunting. That’s why I’ve been itching to get to this point, which will allow me to tell more self-contained stories, and shape the USP of the series a bit more.

All this will come in time, and things will be a lot clearer come book 6, THE IMMORTAL COIL, in 2014 – followed closely by the 7th book (I’m undecided yet which one it will be, as I’ve got a ton of plots all bubbling away).  But for now, I’d like people to warm to THE MONARCH KEY, and give me their honest (but constructive please!) feedback. This book is very important to me in the grand scheme of things, as it’s the first one that I have done all by my lonesome.

This one is completely my own baby 100%. The plot, the edits, the cover – the whole shebang is down to me…of course, this means that I am totally to blame if no one likes it – but I hope it won’t come to that 🙂

So if you know someone who likes a bit of mystery, who likes adventure and black comedy and bursts of sporadic violence, then please point them my way!!!!


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