Latest News!

Hello you.
Please don’t think I’ve been ignoring you.

I’m currently ankle-deep writing The IMMORTAL COIL, which is book 6 in the Cornelius Quaint Chronicles (if you don’t include The QUAINT CHRISTMAS and The ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEUR, which i don’t BTW because they’re just short tie-in novellas and, although they are perfectly in canon, they’re not in continuity with the series – if you get me!).

Things are going really well at the moment, after a lot of soul-searching and me not finding the time to write, and then me not really having much enthusiasm to write, and me wondering if it was all worth it and would anyone really miss these characters if I just stopped writing these books – you know, the usual stuff – but then I hit my stride by writing a few chapters that I have had in my head literally for years. They are a bit like conversations that I’ve had with myself, or snippets of movies that only I can see in my imagination. I guess in that sense maybe they are a bit like dreams. It’s only when the book is finished and published into the “real world” that the stories are given life. Right now, they’re mine exclusively…but where’s the fun in that?

The big cliffhanger at the end of the last book, The MONARCH KEY, was whether Cornelius Quaint would find out the truth about what happened thirty years ago to his daughter, Constance. Why was she taken from him? Who did it and why? And where was she taken? All those answers will be revealed in The IMMORTAL COIL, I promise.

Coming later in 2015!!!!



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