Back On The Road


Hello you.

Just to say that after a little time off I have returned brighter and breezier.

I am currently about 3/4 of the way through Cornelius Quaint Book 6 THE IMMORTAL COIL and it’s been working out very well. I can’t quite understand why I keep throwing curveballs at myself when it comes to the plot, but there you go. That might sound odd because as the writer surely I am 100% in charge. But as anyone who has ever dabbled as a writer knows, you are at the mercy of the story and sometimes things just happen and it’s your job to go with the flow and try to get things back in order.

This happened to me as I was writing COIL. It was all working to plan and I was doing my thing when suddenly I wondered what it would be like if I did a certain something. I carried on with it and although it derailed my mind from the main plot for a moment, it actually fed really nicely into what I had intended. So sometimes a distraction can work to the betterment of the story.

If things go to plan – and if I can rein in my Mr Hyde side – then COIL should be finished in a few months. I haven’t yet decided where to go with the series after that, or if it even has a future. Again, I am toying with an idea that will radically shake things up…I have been carrying it around for several years now and I am still in two minds about what to do. When I get to the bit in the story I will have to make that decision, but for now, I will carry on blindlessly regardless.

Until next time,

Be Good.

or if you can’t be good, be the best you can be without getting caught.


2 thoughts on “Back On The Road

  1. I know that writing is a difficult occupation, mainly because I know I couldn’t do it due to not having an imagination, but I really enjoy your work. I don’t want it to end unless and until you can’t do it or it is no longer possible or enjoyable for you. I’d probably read every book about Cornelius Quaint you write for the rest of your life.

    • Hi Clay,

      So Sorry for not responding sooner, I was clearing out my emails and came across the moderation approval for your comment. I’ve read the mails you’ve sent me also, and I am glad to finally learn your name, as you’ve not signed the mails previously. I hope you got my reply. The Immortal Coil will be out in the next few months 🙂

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