Hello you.

My plans are proceeding well, although I’ve long since given up trying to meet any self-imposed deadlines. For all those of you who may be waiting (anxiously or otherwise) for the release of The Immortal Coil, Cornelius Quaint book 6, please know that I haven’t forgotten you, and all my sights are set on getting it released in the next few months.

The big news that I think I should share is that this book will be totally free to read.

Yes, you read that right. I have taken steps to remove all my books from sale and I don’t want to buck the trend by releasing a new one via Amazon. What I will be doing is offering the book for a contributions only release, so if you want it, I will make an announcement via this blog and on Twitter and my Facebook page and send it to you via email in an iBook or Kindle friendly version, whatever suits your reading habits best. I won’t be asking you to part with a single penny/cent/buck/dollar/yen (delete as appropriate). Instead I will leave it up to your own generosity to make a donation via my Paypal address.

It may be a bit controversial, but to me as I am winding things up writing-wise, it is the most appropriate option.

I welcome your thoughts on the subject.



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